Missing from our line-up for more than a year, the Versatility Short is the training short that is made for life. Back and better than ever in nine bold, new colors.

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7" Versatility Short - Unlined


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7" Versatility Short - Unlined -- Navy 410

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Let's Be Honest

We aren’t gym rats, Instagram influencers, or six-minute ab models. We don’t live to train. We train for life, and we need a short that can keep up. Meet the Versatility Short, inarguably the world’s best short for, well, anything. Boasting unmatched durability, incredible comfort, and peak performance, this short can handle anything you can throw at it.

The Real Test

We asked extraordinary guys to put our shorts to the test in ordinary scenarios.

Ryan Wachendorfer

Ryan is a professional snowboarder on the World Cup Circuit and an all-around renaissance man. When Ryan isn't snowboarding, he is usually traveling, mountain biking, or casually balancing a barbell on his back as he walks across a slackline. Follow Ryan on Instagram @ryanwach

"The Versatility Short has quickly become the only short I pack when I travel because it lives up to its name. It's always up for anything, any sport, any workout, anywhere."

Josh Dixon

Josh is a passionate entrepreneur and former member of the US Men’s Gymnastics Team. After a full career as an elite athlete, Josh is now focused on taking a well-rounded approach to his health, pursuing his career, and spending time with his french bulldog, Otis. Follow Josh on Instagram @joshdixon

“The versatility shorts live up to their name and then some. Insanely comfortable for workout or to lounge around, knock out colors, and perfect that it comes in varying lengths. When it comes to shorts, I'm always in need of something as light as possible, and these fit the bill.”

Aidan Anderson

Aidan is passionate about movement and has become a student of mastering human movement so he can tune his body and help his clients. An elite trainer at the beautiful Virtu Training Facility in Hollywood, Aidan is known for his unorthodox and yet effective workouts. Follow Aidan on Instagram @aidanander

“I love the fact that I can spend my day training, training others, and always be comfy yet ready to perform in a split second.”

Billy Werner

What you may immediately notice about Billy is his warm smile and personable approach, but then watch him work his magic with a jump rope or do endless amounts of lunges, and you’ll know he’s serious about performance. Follow Billy on Instagram @billy__werner

“When it comes to jumping rope and my everyday training, I have never seen a short as lightweight, durable, and functional as the Versatility Short.”

Mads and Simon Hegelund

Think about the great tennis rivalries throughout the years, and we promise they haven’t had as many on-court battles as Mads and Simon Hegelund. These brothers are passionate about the game, as they teach others how to play, but they always make room for a little friendly competition. Follow Mads and Simon on Instagram @jaxmads and @simonhegelund

“What I love about the versatility short is the four-way stretch fabric - it allows me to move dynamically and perform better on the court. I haven’t found anything in the tennis world that compares to this short.” - Mads Hegelund

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7" Versatility Short - Unlined -- Navy 410

Navy / Small

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