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Why So Many Guys Are Loving Rhone


“Rhone differentiated itself from day one by offering a high-end, premium product line not designed for obsolescence. More innovatively, they combined classic cuts and designs with elevated technology, like silver molecules, to create a faster drying, more odor-resistant, and more durable product that was specifically designed for men." — Forbes


Started by a group of former athletes and weekday warriors in Connecticut, Rhone saw a gap in the activewear industry and in 2014 shot right through that gap by creating premium activewear specifically for men. Previously, when it came to activewear, men either had the option to buy clothes that wore out way too fast or a women’s brand that didn’t address their needs.


‘“Men stink,” Rhone's CEO Nate Checketts, said in an interview with Forbes. “They sweat. They smell really bad. And they’re really, really hard on their workout clothes. We knew that the technologies used to make women’s yoga pants simply wouldn’t work for guys.”


“We started Rhone by asking ourselves the most obvious questions about what men wanted.”

Nate Checketts said in a recent interview with Forbes.


Two years later Rhone has earned a well deserved reputation as an industry leader, creating activewear that refuses to sacrifice style for performance and vice versa. In so doing, Rhone has fulfilled tens of thousands of orders to satisfied customers across the country.


In addition, Rhone is gaining loyal customers by solving the problems other brands won't tackle and synthesizing feedback in an effort to understand their customers.


Not content with their already best in class anti-odor technology, in 2017 Rhone introduced a new application called GoldFusion. This incredible technology leverages the anti-odor properties of silver combined with the staying power of gold particles to improve moisture absorption, ward off odor and improve color fastness.


Innovation gives Rhone an edge against their competition. Recently the team at Rhone brought a complimentary, new hemming service to one of their best selling products, The "Commuter pant”. Once shipped in a finished 33” inseam, this new service provides customers the opportunity to get a completely custom fit on any pair of pants.


The service is really simple. Here's how it works: 

  • Select your waist size
  • Then, select your desired hem length at the prompt below waist size options and proceed to checkout.
  • If you’re unsure about your size, we suggest ordering a pair first and getting them hemmed by a trusted tailor. This is because when we hem the pants prior to shipment, there are no returns or exchanges.
  • It will require an extra 5-7 business days to ship out your entire order, but your pants will arrive hemmed to your exact inseam request.


These pants are the pinnacle of performance, style and comfort, so get yours now and select our complimentary hemming service to get the perfect fit. Plus, Rhone offers free shipping and fast and easy returns on all orders.


Rhone - Style when you want it, performance when you need it.

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