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Walking into, or better yet, riding the elevator up to TS Fitness in New York City is generally a time of reflection. Those going for the first time must think “What have I gotten myself into?” while experienced community members think “I am going to crush it today.” For Noam and Elvin, head coaches at TS Fitness, their philosophy is built on these types of positive mental cues. “Belt buckle to chin,” Noam will remind a kettlebell swinging client. “Drive the knees out,” Elvin’s strong voice bounces off the brick. These cues may seem like small reminders, but hear them enough, internalize them over time and all together they form a strong foundation; the kind of base which members leverage to build the necessary poise, posture, and proficiency to handle the daily terrors written on the whiteboard.

One of the best stories Noam recounts is when a certain celebrity walked into his studio for a private training session, looked him in the eye and said, “I don’t squat.” Noam waited a moment, looked around and pointed to the door and said, “Maybe out there, but in here, you squat and you do it right.” The intensity you can find anywhere. Communities are easily built but this studio has something that keeps people coming back, and that is attention. In any given session, Noam and the staff of TS Fitness can’t be bothered with phone calls, social media posts or even anything else. Their attention is tuned to the mechanics and mood of each group. Small group training is their forte, where two to three members on individualized programs are matched up based on goals and provided high levels of instruction and attention. It’s the best of both worlds: the frenetic competition of a class mixed with the fine-tuning of personal training.


Noam is a talker, filled with opinions and steeped in experience. His vocalized confidence in you makes you want to fly around. It’s no surprise his clients find themselves stretching for new personal bests and pushing themselves past self-inflicted boundaries. He always expects more and so, inherently, you do too. Elvin, on the other hand, is reserved and careful, as though he fell into fitness, more as a means of survival than anything else. When he turned 40, Elvin faced a highly relatable dilemma: lose weight or suffer the consequences. His journey into fitness went from lifestyle change to a hobby to fascination and finally landed on a lifelong pursuit. When you watch him in class, he listens intently to Noam, soaking up the information like a sponge. As a team, they represent the “Together Stronger” motto reverberated by the exhausted group as they break the huddle and end each class.


Instagram: @TSFitnessNYC


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