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Any girl will tell you that guys are creatures of habit. We like to be comfortable. Head to a gym and you will see a perfect example of it: men working out in their old cotton college t-shirts. What most men haven't discovered yet is that wearing performance fabrics can greatly increase the enjoyment of your workout.

The problem the cotton is that the more you sweat, the more perspiration it absorbs, weighing down the shirt and clinging to your skin. It doesn't wick away moisture like performance fabrics such as polyester or lycra do. This can prevent your body's natural cooling mechanisms in the summer and can keep you from warming up in the winter. In mountaineering, the material has been dubbed the "cotton killer" and is never part of your kit.

So why are so many men still wearing it? Cotton is super comfortable, there is no question about it. At Rhone, we realized this problem and sent a team of fabric specialists around the world to find the solution. And in Peru, we found it! Our team blended polyester, a long staple Pima cotton fabric, lycra, and a pure SilverTech silver thread to create The Element, the perfect guy's t-shirt. Anti-stink from the silver, soft from the cotton, and wicking from the poly and lycra.

We Traveled to Peru to Find The Perfect Tee

Love your cotton tees and don't want to make the jump to a full technical fabric, the Element by Rhone is your answer.

Introducing the Element, Your New Favorite Tee


Oh and the kicker (pun intended)...cotton socks can cause irritation and blisters. Ditch your old socks and fight foot funk and blisters with our SilverTech and nylon blended No Show Sock. Buy a pair and we will ship a free pair to Rex Ryan.

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