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Staying in peak physical condition is a challenge for many a man on the go. I send this workout to many of my clients who frequently travel and find their business schedule presses them for time. You’ll notice the term “Pavel” will be referenced throughout these workouts. “Pavelling” should be done to some degree during any exercise.

Simply put, to “Pavel” is to constrict the musculature - more musculature than you need. A synonymous action would be bracing of the core or recruitment of the musculoskeletal system to create or support motion.

To some kettle bell enthusiasts this name may sound familiar as it is the name of Pavel Tsatsouline- who some consider to be the father of modern kettle bell dynamics.

Please keep in mind that to Pavel doesn’t necessarily mean to squeeze as hard as you can but rather to squeeze more than you need to that you are over protecting the joints throughout any given motion.

The traveller’s workout proceeds as follows...

  • 8 Pavel Pushups with an 8 second decent, 1 second isometric hold just off of the ground then 1 second explosive eccentric motion
  • 30 Power V's Some call them V-ups, hands and feet meet in the middle while you bend from the hips
  • 20 Chair Dips With an 8 second decent, 1 second isometric hold just off of the ground then 1 second explosive eccentric motion
  • 30 Hollow Rocks A gymnasts best friend and developer of communication from the upper body down through the trunk and into the lower body. The feet and knees are squeezed together, the hands are above the head (ears hiding behind the biceps) from there generate a rocking motion from the feet so that as they go down your torso comes up and vice versa.
  • 50 Air Squats Hips come down to knee level the explode to full extension. Add little baby hops and slight direction changes to the squats if you get bored.

If your pressed for time and looking to keep the laces tight then try 2 rounds.

If your a little more curious about how more time under tension will feel then give 3 rounds a try.

If schedule permits and you’re thinking of going for the Varsity squad then give 4 rounds a go.

Stretch often- hydrate just as much.

Train Smart. Move Well. Do Work.

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