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Kettlebells are one of our favorite tools for supplementing your regular training regime. Whether you are big into strength training, yoga or even running mixing in a good kettlebell workout can lead to serious gains.

Although increasing in popularity, this strength tool normally has a reserved spot in the corner of the gym where they collect dust and intimidate onlookers.

If you are new to kettlebell training, here's a flow you can try the next time you are at the gym. The term "flow" is thrown around alot these days but all that is means is several movements linked together in succession, under complete control and using a weight that is easily manageable.

The best part about this particular flow is that it can either be a fantastic total body warm-up or brutal finisher depending on what weight you choose to use and how you scale the reps and rest.

Personally, I like to finish a lower body workout with a flow like this just to get my heart rate up and my arms a little pump...and because I hate treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, etc. It should only take about 10 minutes but don't be deceived, it is hard work.

Here are the 4 movements of the flow

    • Kettlebell Push-Up - Set the kettlebells down shoulder width apart and with a neutral grip on the handles, sink down, push up and jump your feet forward to transition to a standing row
    • Standing Kettlebell Row - With a slight bend at the knees (very, very slight), hinge at the waist and with a flat, neutral spine row the kettlebells from just above your ankles to your armpits and back down, hinging up to prepare for a double KB clean
    • Double Kettlebell Clean - Pick up the kettlebells and allow them to swing between your legs, keep your upper arm against your side and use a pulling up motion as if starting a lawn mower, immediately use an uppercut motion and 'catch' the kettlebells between your forearm and biceps at shoulder height
    • Double Kettlebell Strict Press - Press the kettlebells, while maintaining strict technique with no leg drive or leaning back, extend through the elbow to raise the weights together directly above your head. Pause, and slowly return the weight first to the "racked position" between your forearm and biceps at shoulder height and then back to the floor by hinging slightly at the waist

Repeat that entire flow 7 times (8 reps total) without pausing for rest for 5 sets. Rest is encouraged between sets, I like to rest for 20 seconds or so.

Try it out this week and let us know how it goes!

Our "Sweat of the Week" is meant to serve as inspiration for your individual goals and fitness regimen. Beginners should make the exercises easier to accommodate lower levels of fitness. The workouts are not for everyone and they will challenge you. Before you undertake any new health program or fitness regimen, we encourage you to discuss your plans with your health care professional, especially if you have not exercised for several years, are over 35, or have other health care concerns.

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