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Overhead Squat at 35% of bodyweight + Ring Pushup (feet higher than hands)

3 Rounds 30-20-10 reps of each


Complete 30 reps of Overhead Squat and then complete 30 reps of Ring Push-ups 

Then complete 20 reps of Overhead Squat and then complete 20 reps of Ring Push-ups 

Then complete 10 reps of Overhead Squat and then complete 10 reps of Ring Push-ups 

Make sure your feet are on a box when you do the ring push-ups

Tips and Tricks

Overhead Squat - This is both an immensely difficult and highly effective movement. Begin by establishing a solid squat foundation, if you can't do a simple air squat then this is probably not the bext exercise for you. Next, warm up by using a PVC pipe or a an empty barbell so that you can focus on maintaining midline stability and keeping your weight on your heels. For more tips and tricks, check out this article from

Ring Push-Up - Grab a box or bench and set it up an appropriate distance away from rings that are hanging just below your standing knee height. You will want to have your feet securely on the box and the rings in line with the bottom of your armpits. Keep your palms facing in and lower yourself until you can tuck the heel of your hands into your chest and drive back up. Stay controlled throughout the entire movement and focus on form.

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