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Kettlebells are not meant to be your primary training tool, but they can be a valuable supplemental tool, and deliver unparalleled results in terms of balance, strength, and endurance. But be warned, if this is your first go with Kettlebells, take some time to learn good form and go light before jumping into the deep end. It's better to move through this workout with a light weight and perfect form than to go heavy and stumble through it.

Consult this guide from Men's Fitness on 10 Dangerous Kettlebell Mistakes and How to Fix Them.  Then, get to it!

Kettlebell Finisher - Meant to be performed with 2 Kettlebells of the same weight throughout. For time:

  • 500 M Row
  • 10 x Strict Press
  • 20 x Double KB Snatch
  • 30 x Double Clean and Jerk
  • 40 x Man Makers
  • 50 x Front Squat
  • 60 x Double KB Swing
  • 500 M Row
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