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It's winter, which probably means it's freezing outside, or at least colder than you'd like. While the gym is a great option, and one that does the job all winter long, sometimes you just want to throw it back to the days of summer and be outside. Whether it's marathon training or just a quick 3-mile jog, dressing the right way for your outdoor run will make or break the experience. The name of the game in cold weather is layering. Nothing too heavy since your core body temperature will definitely be rising as you get moving, but nothing too light that you tense your entire run.

Running in the cold is hard enough, so we've taken the guesswork out of getting dressed for it. Here are our recommendations on what to wear on your next outdoor winter run. You can thank us later. 



1. A Lightweight Layering Tee: Lightweight and almost feels like it isn't there the Swift Short Sleeve is the perfect base piece, one that will breathe with you and move with you mile after mile. 

2. A Pair of Pants: Depending on the weather (and your desire to run in the cold on that particular day), you'll want some coverage on your legs. Our Spar Jogger is lightweight, soft, and stretchy so it will adjust to your movements whether you're sprinting or mid-run. 

3. Warm but Breathable Gloves: Nothing is worse than cold extremities. Our PowerDry Gloves will breathe easy while still keeping your fingertips warm enough that you don't notice them mile after mile. 

4. A Great Running Short: Lined, locked, and loaded, the Swift Running Short is your ultimate running short. With perforation in all the right places, you'll feel secure while still avoiding unnecessary chafing while the miles get long.

5. Reliable Socks: If you do anything to up your running game, pick a good pair of socks. Our No Show socks feature a silicone grip on the heal so your foot won't slip no matter how sweaty you get. 

6. A Breathable Beanie: Sure, the rest of your body might warm up, but your ears will still be freezing. A lightweight beanie will keep your head just warm enough so it can sweat and breathe while still keeping those ears toasty warm. 

7. A Warm and Weather-proof Vest: Need an extra layering piece but worried a jacket will be too much? Enter the MicroClimate Vest. Warm and weather-resistant, this vest will keep your core warm while allowing your arms to move freely through your stride. 

8. A Long Sleeve Layering Piece: A long sleeve made to push you further by increasing energy, endurance, and performance, the Method Seamless 1/4 Zip is the ideal layering piece. Not too thick and not too thin, it provides the coverage needed to stay warm while still allowing you to sweat through your run. 


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