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Picture that cool, calm collected guy we all know and love. You know, that guy who walks into the room and makes no attempt to get attention, but has a presence regardless. That’s Isaiah “Izzy” Jones. There’s an element of humility and gratitude about him that doesn’t go unnoticed, even when he’s dominating in the gym.

A former D-1 athlete turned police officer, Izzy’s life experiences are broad and anything but boring. Thriving in environments that work with people, Izzy was first drawn to being a police officer because he saw it as a great way to “get involved with community activities and mentoring programs”. Having experienced his fair share of adversity growing up in Massachusetts, giving back to those who struggled was and continues to be a focus for Izzy, hoping one day to start a program for underprivileged kids and become a resource to give them opportunities to succeed.

From a young age, Izzy was taught to never take anything for granted, an attitude that has spilled over into his professional life as a police officer. Though the days can be rough and the situations encountered even tougher, Izzy remains that calm, collected, optimistic guy, a trait he attributes to his younger brother, Darnell, who “always looks at life as if the glass was half full. He can make a positive out of any situation, which inspires me to live life to the fullest.”

To follow along on Izzy's adventures, follow him on Instagram: @izzyjones17

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