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When it comes down to it, nutrition is massive. There are no secrets here: eat right and you will see results, but no normal human can out-train a bad diet.

Nothing revolutionary in those two sentences and so it begs the question, why don’t more people eat properly to achieve their goals? Is it because food companies have spent decades perfecting salty, sweet combinations than call to us like a siren song from the fridge and pantry? While this is a tempting answer (I mean have you ever tried the Tonight Dough by Ben and Jerry’s?) I believe the answer goes deeper than that.

Glance at the nearest newsstand or head to the first fitness blog and you’ll quickly realize that there the world is littered with half truths and misinformation as it pertains to nutrition. Personally, I have found that generally diets don’t work for one of three reasons.

  1. Not Sustainable - If you can’t see yourself doing it for the long run, it is probably some kind of cleanse or crash diet that will ultimately set you back. Your “diet” is what and how you eat, not just a period of time when you can’t have dairy.

  2. Not Enjoyable - The world is full of delicious foods and our body is naturally equipped with the tools to handle excess in small doses. Plus, pizza is everything. Who wants to live in a world where you can’t eat pizza?

  3. Not Effective - Don’t do something just to do it, do it because it works. Why stick with a diet that doesn’t push you towards your goals?

This is the basis of the nutrition plans of the Brute Body program, as put together by the team at Brute Strength HQ. The plans, yes plans, outlined in their program are all sustainable, enjoyable and super effective but beyond that, there is a plan for everyone. If you are like me, you can be super strict for a period but then you want a few hours of pure, unadulterated gluttony with no judgement or guilt. They have a plan like that. Maybe that sounds terrible to you and you’d prefer to have room for indulgences and high to moderate carbohydrates throughout the week - they have that too!

Interested in trying the Brute Body program? Use the code BruteInRhone for 50% off your first month of the Brute Body program. 

Every plan is centered on goals and though this program is all about changing body composition, that means drastically different things to different people and the variety in plans reflects that. But what makes them great and inherently different from every other diet plan I have seen is their simplicity. The plans are broken down by goal, explained thoroughly and then applied for you so that there is no room for error.

Most of the diet plans in the Brute Body universe utilize a well known concept in the fitness world called carb cycling. The way that carb cycling works is that healthy carbs are added on specific days and then cut to keep your metabolism high and your insulin levels low without losing muscle. The other benefit of carb cycling, when properly synced with a demanding training schedule is that you will have the energy needed for specific days and be refueling on rest and cheat days.

I found the particular Brute diet plan that I used so effective, enjoyable and sustainable that I can envision myself eating this way for the rest of my life with few, if any, alterations. To me, that is the ultimate measure of a nutrition plan. The “War on Carbs” as they call it was the perfect plan for me and allotted me the perfect amount of indulgence while demanding strict adherence most of the time. It definitely required some planning and meal preparation but did not generally increase my grocery budget or place unreasonable constraints on my schedule.

Additionally, the Brute Body plans spare no detail including a precise macro calculator with each plan so that you can easily measure your progress from day to day, a useful meal template and a comprehensive shopping list. All of these tools just make the transition easier as you ease into a different style of eating.

Interested in trying the Brute Body program? Use the code BruteInRhone for 50% off your first month of the Brute Body program. 

The Brute body program is geared towards changing body composition and this is achieved with a powerful combination of training and nutrition. If you missed my other article on the training portion, read up on it here.

Disclaimer: The good folks over at Brute Strength allowed me to try the program for free for 2 months so that I could write this post. 

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