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The TS way of creating programs is Training Smart and Training Strong.  When creating programs we always make sure to do a thorough warm-up and prep the body for a workout. This includes addressing all the joints of the body and doing exercises to prepare the muscles for work.

The workout starts with a power exercise to use explosiveness to help with athletic performance and also stimulate your nervous system before we move on to your strength portion of the workout.  We pair it with a core exercise to give you active rest between sets.  Power exercises require a lot of energy. 

Making sure that we create a balanced program of push and pull and hip dominant versus quad dominant is also a big priority of ours. We don’t want to create imbalances in the body that can lead to poor performance and possible injury.  During the strength portion, we balance the plains of movement as well as use unilateral exercises to work on skill and stability. Finally, we finish with a metabolic circuit for caloric output and for cardiovascular health. As a cool down, we will usually just have our clients do 30 seconds of diaphragmatic breathing. So, without further ado, let's get into it. 

Warm up 

Childs Pose Breathing (30 seconds: Inhale 2 seconds and exhale 4 seconds) 

Lumbar Lock T-spine Rotation (10x each side) 

T Spine RotationT Spine Rotation 2Alternating Spiderman Lunges (10x each side)

 Adductor Rocking (10x each side)


Deadbug (10x each side)

Single Leg Bridges (10x each side)

Single Leg Bridges ASingle Leg Bridges B

Downward Dog to Upward Dog (Repeat flow 5 times)


























Perform 3 rounds with  20 seconds of rest between each exercise

Single Leg Lateral Hop & Stick (Repeat 6 times on each leg)

Single Leg Lateral Hop 1single leg lateral hop 2single leg lateral hop 3

























Hollow Body Hold (30 seconds)


Perform 3 rounds with  20 seconds of rest between each exercise and rest 30 seconds after each circuit 

Circuit 1

Single Leg Hip Thrust (30 seconds each side)













 Yoga Push Up with Alternating Leg Reach (Repeat for 45 seconds)

Crunches with a 5-second hold at the top (Repeat for 45 seconds)


Circuit 2 

Pendulum Lunge (Repeat for 30 seconds on each side)

Towel Row (Repeat for 45 seconds)


Side Plank & Front Plank Series (30-second side plank/ 30-second rest /30-second front plank)



5-minute AMRAP 

Sit Outs (5x each direction)

























Leg Lift (Repeat 10x)

Froggers (Repeat 10x) 














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