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The other day my husband came home with the worst headache. Being the wonderful never-nagging wife that I am, I asked him, “Did you drink enough water today? Did you get a good breakfast?” He answered yes to both and then said in passing, “I think it’s just a screen headache from staring at my computer all day.”

I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but then this happened five or six more times in a matter of weeks. Work had picked up and screen time was at an all-time high for my husband whose job is spent primarily (if not completely these days) in front of a screen.

So why the headaches? Well, all the devices we have, we love, and we probably use far too often give off a certain short wavelength blue light that can not only cause headaches but can also be damaging to our eyes. We stare at our phones and other screens all day long, sometimes for short blips and sometimes for long stretches as we go down an Instagram rabbit hole (don’t pretend you haven’t been there) or get that soul-crushing new assignment that has to be completed ASAP. Looking at your phone or other screens too late at night or too close to bedtime can also have a negative impact on our sleep cycles, as the blue light causes us to “wake up” and doesn’t let our mind settle for sleep.

Now blue light isn't all bad. The greatest source of blue light is the sun and exposure to blue light during the day can help regulate your circadian rhythm. It can help boost your mood and make you more alert. It's the over-exposure as well as the source of our blue light (i.e. not the sun) that is cause for concern. 

So what can we do? Technology and screens are everywhere and part of daily life. We can minimize screen time, but for many of us (if not all) completely cutting out screens would be impossible given current work circumstances. Enter anti-blue light technology. The technology is designed to cut out the harmful blue light rays from the device screen and prevents them from reaching your eyes. In theory, this means less damage to eyes, fewer headaches, and better sleep.

We were curious to see how much blue light was really affecting us and how big of a difference lenses with anti-blue light technology made on a day to day basis. To do so, we teamed up with Prive Revaux to see if it really made a difference. Here’s what we found out.

1. My eyes felt less strained. You know when you stare at a screen for a while and then look away, and it takes a bit for your eyes to refocus? When wearing anti-blue light glasses, this doesn’t happen. My eyes could easily and without strain transition from staring at a screen to staring off into the distance without feeling blurred.

2. Headaches disappeared. I bought my husband a pair to test as well and immediately his headaches disappeared. He felt less drained by his screen and better able to complete his work efficiently because he didn’t have to worry about his head or eyes feeling like they might explode.

3. Sleep came faster. We're all guilty of occasionally perusing social media or checking emails and reading articles right before bed. It happens. When I made an effort to wear the glasses even in those moments before turning off my phone (whether that was 5 minutes before my head hit the pillow or 30 minutes) for the night, it made a remarkable difference. Sleep came faster, my mind was more rested and ready to relax, and my eyes were less agitated. The winddown took less effort and overall, I felt more rested.

4. Eye health can be stylish. Prive Revaux offers countless stylish and comfortable options. You can find the frames that fit you best so that you can protect your eyes while still looking good. The best part: they offer both glasses and sunglasses, so if you’re looking for both indoor and outdoor options, look no further.

So to keep it simple, your eyes matter. Given the amount of time we all spend on devices (whether we are willing to admit it or not), anti-blue light technology is beneficial to the long-term health of your eyes. Whether you’re working at a computer or watching a movie with friends, take a minute to consider your eye health. We promise you it’s worth it.


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