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Many of us have causes that are near and dear to our hearts, and for us here at Rhone, veterans hold a special place. We hail from families with a history of veteranssiblings, grandparents, aunts, and unclesand others of us just appreciate and value their overwhelming sacrifice and service.

Unfortunately, tragedy lies behind such heroics and the transition back into civilian life is a continual struggle for many vets. On average, we are losing 20 veterans to suicide each day, a number that is staggering and in our eyes, completely unacceptable.  

This Veterans Day, we want to give back to all those who have given so much to each of us and shed some much-needed light on the issue of veteran suicide. To do so, we’ve teamed up with Performix and the FitOps Foundation to bring to you the #CanYouSuperman challenge.

How can you participate? It’s easy.

1. Take a video of yourself doing a superman pushup.

2. Post that video to your social media and tag @fitops_foundation, @rhone, and #CanYouSuperman.

3. Challenge and tag 5 friends who you’d like to participate.

4. Most importantly, please consider and invite your friends to consider donating just $20 to the FitOps Foundation. $20 represents the 20 veterans we lose each day to veteran suicide. For every $20 donated, Performix will match it. 

The goal of the FitOps Foundation is to provide a way for veterans to achieve greatness in fitness and in life. As a foundation, they provide certification for veterans to become elite personal trainers and offer them a path forward after military service. Just $20 can help make a huge difference in allowing our veterans to seek success and direction and might even save a life.

To donate, please visit, and don’t forget to join Rhone, Performix, and the FitOps Foundation this Veteran’s Day in the fight against veteran suicide.

Not sure what a superman pushup is or how to do it? Here is some inspiration from our friends at Performix and FitOps


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