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Instagram. You love it and you hate it, but whatever way you slice it, you are likely spending a decent amount of your time giving your thumb some daily exercise. So why not make it a little more beneficial? We've compiled our list of a few accounts ACTUALLY worth following. They are accounts and people that make us think, sweat, laugh, reflect, and want to be better. So without further ado, here's who is currently inspiring us with daily 2x2 posts. 

1. @earthpix: Need a moment of humility? This account is a must. Earthpix is one of the largest travel communities on social media and showcases beautiful images of our earth in varying locations. Mountains, animals, covers it all and does so in a way that makes you want to drop everything and scroll. 

2. @thedad: If you're a Dad, (or even if you're not) this is a must follow. Parenting is hard, like really hard. This account makes it a little easier by mixing self-deprecating humor, relatable quips, and heartwarming stories about the role of fatherhood.

3. @repthereds: Recovery and mobility are the focus of @repthereds and you won't regret stopping by. Broken down by body part or region, Jason Gonzalez provides daily easy and effective mobility movements to help get your body realigned and feeling fresh.

4. @food52: Try not to drool right on your screen. Food52 is filled with swoon-worthy recipes ranging from deliciously healthy and lean meals to face-sized cinnamon rolls. We call that balance. 

5. @davidavidavid: Family, travel, and health all wrapped up in a life of great adventures. David Clark is a good mix of keeping it real and living life to it's fullest while still focusing on the things that matter most.

6. @NewYorkerCartoons: Don't mistake this for the New Yorker page. We are talking cartoons, people. Simply put, we all need a good daily laugh and @NewYorkerCartoons is just that. 

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