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Sticking to a fitness plan can be an immense challenge. Day in and day out you're hitting the gym, planning meals and showing incredible restraint when those cookies are being passed around the office. So why not shake things up a bit?  With Spring here and Summer right around the corner, now is the best possible time to take your fitness outside.

You may initially shun the idea of leaving the comfort of your gym but working out in the great outdoors has many benefits to your mental and physical well being. First, with the sun out your body is able to absorb Vitamin D - a fat soluble vitamin that is essential to a healthy immune system and strong bones. Also, umerous studies have shown a significant spike in adrenaline levels when exercising outdoors. Such a rise in adrenaline will mean a boost in energy and positive effect on your mood. The list of benefits goes on, from an increase of calories burned to muscle confusion. In summary, exercise in the great outdoors is...drum roll...really good for you.

Now that we have established that, here are 10 of my favorite workouts to do while you are outside. Please keep in mind that you should warm-up for at least 10 mins prior to attempting any of these workouts and be aware of any signs of extreme fatigue or dehydration. Let's get started:


Find a good hill (15-20 yards in length) and do the following:

3 Sprints at 70% Max Effort - :30 Rest Between Each
50 Push-Ups - Break them up however you need to, but concentrate on form
3 Sprints at 80% Max Effort - :30 Rest Between Each
50 Squats - Break them up however you need to, but concentrate on form
3 Sprints at 90% Max Effort - :30 Rest Between Each
50 Burpees - Break them up however you need to, but concentrate on form


Spend 4 rounds in a tabata format (:20 work, :10 rest) at each of the following stations

Station #1: Burpees
Station#2: Bicycle Crunches
Station #3: Push-Ups
Station #4: Skater Jumps
Station #5: Plank
Station #6: Jump Lunges
Station #7: Divebomber Push-Ups
Station #8: Jumping Jacks

Rest for 2:00 amd then finish with 2 "Shuttle Sprints" 
Sprint to 10 yards and back, 20 yards and back, 30 yards and back, 40 yards and back and 50 yards and back


Bring a pair of kettlebells to a football field and do the following :

100 Yard Farmers Carry*
50 KB Swings
100 Yard Farmers Carry*
50 Squats
100 Yard Farmers Carry*
50 Double Arm KB Row
100 Yard Farmers Carry*
50 KB Goblet Squat
100 Yard Farmers Carry*
50 KB Single Arm Snatches (25 Per Side)
Penalty Push-Ups (See Below)

*Any drop during a Farmers carry is a penalty of 25 Push-Ups to be done at the end of the workout


Find a bench or picnic table and after a brief warm up, attempt the following:

20 Feet Elevated Push-Ups
20 Squat Jumps - Pause at the Bottom, Jump Onto the Bench
20 Bench Dips
20 Split Squats
20 Step Ups
20 V-Up/Sit-Up Combo
(Repeat 2 More Times)
Finish with a 1 Mile Run


Find a nearby track and spend at least 10 mins warming-up, then attempt the following:

Run 1 Mile
Do 30 Push-Ups
Run 1/2 Mile
Do 40 Air Squats
Run 1/4 Mile
Do 50 Lunges
Run 1/4 Mile
Do 50 Lunges
Run 1/2 Mile
D0 40 Air Squats
Run 1 Mile
Do 30 Push-Ups

There you have it. Five gut-busting workouts made to be done outside or anywhere for that matter. If you are headed on vacation this summer or find yourself stranded on a business trip, I highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone and attempting one of these workouts at a local park or field.

Don't see one of your favorite outdoor workouts or want to report in on your own attempt at one of these? Hit the comment section below and let us know!

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